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HID Ballast
HID Xenon canbus ballast
HID Xenon slim canbus ballast

The ballast shell has options: silver/white/black/gold
Our canbus ballasts are already tested on 
Benz,Audi,Volvo,BMW320,520,525,530,120,BMW X3 X5,7 series ,VW Touran, Tiguan, Scirocco, the new Golf, the new Sagitar MAGOTAN, new Superb, the new Octavia, new Buick, the new Regal, modern Royal Raymond, IX35, Kia speed step, the commander Wrangler, Kia K5, the new Sonata 8, Jeep Compass, Ford winning, DODGE Caliber, JDUV, Chrysler Sebring, etc.

Specifications of Canbus Ballasts :

Can-bus Digital Ballast Work Perfectly With Cars With Computer Controlled Headlight Systems(Bulb Indicators) Built In Warning Cancellers.No Need For Extra Capacitor Harness.

CanBus Ballast gets rid of the flickering issues or headlamp error light issue. This issue is known on most European cars (BMW/BENZ/AUDI/VW) and now it is occur on some American cars (CHRYSLER/DODGE/JEEP). The reason behind this is due to halogen bulb being 55W and HID being 35W. Therefore, when an HID kit is installed into the vehicle, the car ECU detects the lights are running at 35W instead of the normal 55W. Two things will happen, when it detect this. 
1. When running at 35W, the ECU thinks the light bulb on one side is broken and cut down on the power it sends to the headlight, causing the HID to flicker because there is not enough power. 
2. It will cause a headlight error light on the dash because it think 1 side of the headlight is broken. One or both of these issues will occur. 

This CanBus will trick the ECU into thinking the HID is running at 55W, when it is really running at 35W. This will trick the ECU into thinking that both side of the headlights are working fine and will allow the ECU to give the headlights full power to run properly, which will get rid of the flickering issue and error light issue. This Ballast is safe and will not damage any ECU or electrical wiring.



Features Of the ballast:

1.It has high conversion efficiency, the efficiency can be 86%.

2.Wide range input voltage design, from 9 to12V. It is suitable for the different 

power system of 12V on cars.

3.It has a improved electromagnet compatibility EMC circuitry, can resolve most 

of the failure problems from the installation of the HID on cars.

4.Brand-fortek!Improved heat radiation design. Better balance of the easy 

installation and the lifespan extension.

5.Small start current. The start current will not higher than 5.5A when the voltage is 

13.5V. And can be drop back to 3.1A quickly and keep stable.

6.It has a set of strong protection circuitry. Can start protection in 1 second when 

the Out-put open circuit, short circuit and input polarity reverse.

7.It has a excellent electromagnet compatibility EMC circuitry, is accord with the

 S95/54/EC standard.

8.Water-proof, damp-proof, dust-proof, quake-proof, rot-proof and so on.

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